Friday, February 8, 2008

SP former office awarded

Blue Sky Home Center has been awarded for its renovation of several buildings in Brickelltown, on the west side of downtown Truckee.

A panel of eight building and design professionals selected the project as the top historical renovation for Tahoe Quarterly’s Mountain Home Awards (article). Judges said the project, which was six years in the making, “breathes new life into Truckee’s west end.”

The project area includes the Sassarini-McQwinn House, which is Blue Sky’s current base of operations, the Titus House, the Titus Garage, and the Eaton Houses.

“I am honored to be recognized in the effort to revitalize Brickelltown,” said Mitch Clarin, owner of Blue Sky Home Center. “Thank you to Tahoe Quarterly for recognizing our project and to SmallPond Studio Owner Meg Raymore for submitting the application.”

The highlight and “most historically faithful” piece of the project, according to the panel of judges, was the Titus Garage, former home to SmallPond Studio.

“This recognition is long-deserved,” said Raymore, who submitted the application to bring attention to Clarin’s contribution to the revitalization of downtown. “The restoration of this part of Brickelltown has given people a reason to venture beyond Commercial Row and will hopefully serve as a model for future projects.”

The restored buildings are now home to several retail businesses, including Riverside Studios, Fair & Green, and The Feather’s Edge. SmallPond Studio has relocated to a larger space in the East Eaton House in the project area.

Established in 1991, Blue Sky Home Center provides real estate, vacation rentals, ski leases, summer leases, long term rentals, property management, remodels, renovations and new home construction. For more information, contact Blue Sky Home Center at (530) 587-0943 or

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