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Are You Ready for a Content Management System?

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Our clients have many choices when creating a website for their business. From the site’s appearance to the content on each page, each aspect of website development amounts to a valuable and rewarding final product.

The very first decision to make when launching a website is whether to build a content management system (a website you can update yourself, without HTML knowledge), or a standard static website (which must be updated by someone with HTML knowledge).

What is a content management system?
A CMS enables a non-technical person to load, remove, and edit content on a website without any HTML or coding knowledge using a simple editor. You can update your website on any computer with an internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the help of a third party.

With a CMS, you can create fresh, up-to-date content that keeps people coming back for more. Studies show consumers are more likely to return to a website when they know they will find something new each time.

And another bonus of keeping your content current — when search engines like Google see new stuff on your site, they’ll check in more often, thus improving your natural ranking.

What’s best for your business?
Just a few years ago, a CMS was an expensive proposition for a small business. These days, systems are more affordable since more plug-ins are available to web developers, lessening the need for custom programming. While a CMS can be an affordable option for most businesses, it tends to cost more than a standard HTML site.

Here are some ways to identify whether a CMS is a good fit for your business:

Use a CMS if
• You update calendar or news pages regularly
• You change or add content more than once per month
• You want to improve search engine position
• You need customer management tools, such as members-only areas or secure payment options
• You want a blog

Use a standard website if
• You have content that’s relatively stagnant
• You don’t have the staff time or resources to update your site
• You need a website but have a limited budget

The bottom line
In this evolving world of online marketing, your company’s website needs to be an active and nimble promotional tool.

More than ever, customers and businesses are looking to the internet for product and service information. Search engine position is getting more competitive as an increasing number businesses scramble for the attention of online consumers.

A content management system can improve your search engine performance, give you control of your content, and keep maintenance costs down; however, it’s not for everyone. Evaluate what’s best for your business.

Contact SmallPond Studio today for more info about a custom content management system or standard website for your business. E-mail us at info@smallpondstudio.com or call 530-587-5625. For more marketing tips, visit SmallPond’s blog at blog.smallpondstudio.com.

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