Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SmallPond Designs Wholesale Lenders Resources, Inc. Site

From www.smallpondstudio.com

Wholesale Lenders Resources, Inc. has a new Web site, featuring information about the Truckee company’s finance and lending services.

Through the new Web site, www.wlrinc.com, visitors can learn about the company’s commercial real estate financing services and products, as well as submit loan inquiries. Visitors can also view loan criteria and success stories.

“It’s great to now be able to highlight our financial services on the Web,” said Mark Stebbins, owner of the company. “Since the economy has taken a downturn, many people who were relying on conventional lenders have not been able to get the loans they were counting on. Whether a banker, broker or potential borrower, people can easily learn about our services for unique financial situations online.”

Truckee marketing and graphic design firm SmallPond Studio designed and developed the Web site.

Wholesale Lenders Resources, Inc. is an Authorized Agent for ReProp Financial, Inc., a private money lender since 1978 dedicated to the acquisition of small balance commercial real estate loans. The financial products offered through ReProp Financial, Inc. are designed for unique and special borrowing situations when traditional financing sources are unable to help. To learn more about Wholesale Lenders Resources, Inc., visit www.wlrinc.com or call (800) 784-1687, ext 101.

For more information on SmallPond Studio, a graphic design and marketing company located in downtown Truckee, call (530) 587-5625 or visit www.smallpondstudio.com.

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