Friday, June 12, 2009

Website Marketing Turnoffs

These are all pretty good rules of thumb to consider when creating a website, courtesy of Entrepreneur Mag. While some pertain to larger sites (numbers 4 and 9, for example), a lot of these are just plain common sense. A couple peeves we share with the author:

  • Making users retype e-mail addresses: How about the patent-pending, curve-jumping Web 2.0 company that wants you to share content but requires you to retype your friends' e-mail addresses? I have 7,703 e-mail addresses in Microsoft Entourage. I'm not going to retype them into some done-as-an-afterthought address book.

  • Unreadable confirmation codes: A visual confirmation graphic system is a good thing, but many are too difficult to read. All you have to prove is that you're not a robot. So if the code is "ghj1lK," entering "ghj11K" should be good enough.

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