Friday, October 16, 2009

Grow Your Email Marketing List

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E-mail marketing has become an increasingly popular and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your current clients and find new ones.

But before you hit the “Send” button, you’ll need some email addresses. Many of our clients ask us if they can buy or rent lists; however, the key to successful email marketing is to send messages only to those who have opted-in. Even though people are overloaded by email, they will usually read what they’ve asked to receive.

(For email marketing basics, visit and read “Email Marketing – Where to Begin?” – February 2009.)

Here are some easy tips to grow your email database:

1. It’s all about who you know
If you aren’t already collecting the email addresses of your existing clients, customers, and business associates, start now.

The people who already purchase your products and services are your best audience for email marketing. They will want to hear about your seasonal offers and new products.

As with any of these tips, be sure to let people know they will be added to your email list. Not only is it the law, it also prevents people from becoming irritated with your brand when they receive unexpected email.

2. There’s no place like your home page
With most email marketing software, you can add a simple signup form to your website that will automatically add people to your email marketing list. Place the form prominently on your home page and give it an enticing title, like “Sign up for our eSpecials.”

To view an example of such a form, visit

3. The good old fish bowl
If your business has a table or booth at an event, be sure to bring a glass bowl to collect business cards or forms to collect names and email addresses. If you have a retail business or storefront, keep a form at your front counter.

After the event or a long day at work, grab a beer, kick up your feet, and add these new people to your list.

4. We have a winner!
Host a contest offering a product or service for free. Have entrants give you their email addresses, and watch your list grow! We’ve had clients host contests for the sole purpose of expanding their email database.

5. Content is king
If you write an article or whitepaper related to your industry or products, post it on your website, but require people to sign up and opt-in to your email list before they download the article.

If you belong to a trade or professional organization, have them distribute a teaser about the article in their eblast. This is a great way to target people you know are interested in your products or services.

Why not purchase email lists?
Many of our clients ask us if they should purchase or rent email lists. This is a bad idea for a few reasons:
  1. SPAM laws require that people opt-in to receive email from you.
  2. Sending email to people who will likely delete your messages is a waste of your time and resources.
  3. SPAM traps are found on many purchased or rented lists. When these traps are triggered, they cause your email to be treated as SPAM.

It takes a little work to build your database, but the reward of a high-quality email list can be quite profitable for your business.

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Read more about SmallPond's email marketing services >

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